The Art of Being a Kept Man

I started my life as a Kept Man after the birth of our son while we were living in Sydney, Australia. My wife’s company had transferred her to the Sydney office. We couldn’t find daycare for an infant, and even if we could, it would have been more then my take home pay. After much thought we decided it was best for me to leave my job and become a Stay-at-home-dad. I prefer the term Kept Man. Much cooler.

While living in Sydney I had a great time as a Kept Man. We went to playgroups and at least once a week hopped on a bus, train, or ferry and went exploring. Sydney really was a fun place for a Kept Man.

Now we live in the suburbs of New Jersey and life is different. Sure we’ll do local stuff in Jersey and take the train to New York once or twice a month too, but I’ll no longer be able to be in the heart of a world class city in less then 30 minutes. Instead of dwelling on the fact that we no longer live in a cool city I’m going to focus on my interests mainly cooking, eating, and learning Chinese.

To paraphrase Lin Yutang and Dr. Phil life comes down to 2 choices. You can choose to be happy or you can choose to be unhappy. I’ve chosen to be happy.


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