Mandarin Immersion Day

Yesterday I bombarded my brain with Mandarin. I did 3 new lessons in my Assimil Chinese with Ease. When I wasn’t actively studying, I was playing Assimil lessons so I could listen to it while I did everyday things like shaving, cooking, eating, etc. I was so upbeat about this experience that I signed up for a trial membership with Chinesepod. I took the listening test and scored at Elementary-low. Chinesepod has Newbie, Elementary, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, Advanced, and Media levels. I sorted the Newbie lessons by ascending order by date and did the first 19. I just kept doing them one after the other and didn’t realize how many I had done till my brain said enough and I suddenly became very tired. I’ve set a goal of reaching Intermediate level at chinesepod by Thanksgiving 2008. Ideally I can reach this target by June of 2008, but November 2008 is more realistic. Who knows, if I keep working at it, Mandarin might suddenly click in my head and I could reach upper intermediate in my time frame.

I must have done at least 9 hours of mandarin input time. I definitely want to try this once a week. I really felt like I was thinking in Mandarin instead of translating from English to mandarin and vice versa. I’m going to sign up with an internet Asian dvd rental store so I can increase my mandarin listening time and hear a wider variety of speakers. Plus most stuff on US TV isn’t too interesting to me, and I can speak English.


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3 Responses to “Mandarin Immersion Day”

  1. john Says:

    Very cool blog. Along with Chinese and lifting weights, cooking is my other hobby. If it’s cool with you I’m going to link to your blog from mine.

    I’m actually planning on doing a similar day of immersion tomorrow. It’s been too long since I’ve done something like that.

    Which Asian DVD site are you going to use? I only have Netflix and their selection isn’t so hot. It isn’t bad either, but I’d like a specialty site.

  2. owshawng Says:

    John, Thanks for the good review. Feel free to link to this site and I’ll put a link to yours if you don’t mind. I haven’t decided which Asian DVD site to subscribe to. I’m going to skip Netflix, not to impressed with there Asian selection and I would be so tempted to keep watching Hollywood movies. When I was living in Australia I got hooked on Korean TV series dubbed in Mandarin. In the US they’re pretty expensive to buy, but online you can join a rental place for $20 or so a month and they ship you one entire series (about 15 to 20 hours worth) at a time. I also liked the Taiwanese TV series, but they were kind of silly compared to the Korean ones.

  3. Danny Says:

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