Location: USA, New Jersey… Unfortunately

Occupation: Kept Man…I never set out to be a kept man (sounds cooler then house husband/Mr. Mom), but I am what I am.

Why: Daycare and commuting costs would be roughly take home pay. So why get all stressed and tread water financially to have someone else be the main care giver during the formative years? Plus my wife makes more then I ever did. And working took up too much of my time.

Vow: If I’m going to be a Kept Man, then I’m going to be a great Kept Man

Hobbies: Cooking, Eating, Learning Chinese, Traveling

Fav TV: No Reservations, LOST, Dirty Jobs, Colbert Report

Pet Peeves: The View(if you’ve seen it you’d understand). Barney

Tourists who eat at chain restaurants. Why fly to Singapore and eat a cheese burger and fries? Why???

New Jersey Transit’s Northeast Corridor line. I rode this train line to work in New York for years. Never again.



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