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Mandarin Immersion Day

November 14, 2007

Yesterday I bombarded my brain with Mandarin. I did 3 new lessons in my Assimil Chinese with Ease. When I wasn’t actively studying, I was playing Assimil lessons so I could listen to it while I did everyday things like shaving, cooking, eating, etc. I was so upbeat about this experience that I signed up for a trial membership with Chinesepod. I took the listening test and scored at Elementary-low. Chinesepod has Newbie, Elementary, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, Advanced, and Media levels. I sorted the Newbie lessons by ascending order by date and did the first 19. I just kept doing them one after the other and didn’t realize how many I had done till my brain said enough and I suddenly became very tired. I’ve set a goal of reaching Intermediate level at chinesepod by Thanksgiving 2008. Ideally I can reach this target by June of 2008, but November 2008 is more realistic. Who knows, if I keep working at it, Mandarin might suddenly click in my head and I could reach upper intermediate in my time frame.

I must have done at least 9 hours of mandarin input time. I definitely want to try this once a week. I really felt like I was thinking in Mandarin instead of translating from English to mandarin and vice versa. I’m going to sign up with an internet Asian dvd rental store so I can increase my mandarin listening time and hear a wider variety of speakers. Plus most stuff on US TV isn’t too interesting to me, and I can speak English.